About us

Freshlady strives to provide a unique selection of cosmetic color contact lenses at the best possible quality and prices. Having served thousands of customers in 5 years, Freshlady has been inspired by our customers’ different ways of understanding beauty. Freshlady creates a fashionable combination: “new beauty revolution”, which connects make-up and cosmetic color contact lenses to help our customers express who they are from the inside.

Freshlady establishes an intimate partnership with cosmetic color contact lenses manufacturers in different countries, we're committed to providing our fabulous customers a 5-star experience: from the top quality product to professional customer service. Our product available in a variety of patterns can multiple effects, ranging from natural-looking to super bold and larger-than-life. In Freshlady, we hope you can experience this “new beauty revolution”.

Top 4 Reasons why you should shop with us:

1. Shopping to fall in love with: Extensive selection of the very latest in affordable high quality contact lenses.
2. Style like you've never seen: New and exciting products are sourced and added daily by our experienced buyers on Freshlady
We understand our customers: Our innovative marketing department constantly researches the very latest in popular lenses styles and accessories to satisfy the diverse demand of our global customer base.
Always at the right price: Different styles and multiple products – representing the very best value.

Contact Number: (+86)02081619372

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Website: www.freshladyeye.com