Authenticity & Safety

Authenticity & Safety of Circle Lenses

Founded in 2011, Freshlady always insists on the principle of “customer first” to offer first-class contact lens products that accord with international quality verification, such as US FDA, ISO, and CE. Due to putting your health and safety in the first place, Freshlady controls strictly the product quality in our own factory and makes adjustments according to every suggestion of our customers.

100% Guaranteed Authenticity

Located in Shenzhen, where enjoy convenient transportation and give us access to various latest products from Korea and Japan, we are willing to pay more money to be one excellent supplier for tens of thousands of loyal customers around the world. Just because great reputation and responsible attitude, Freshlady runs our business for the long term, and is popular around the world.

For the maximum guarantee of your health, all of Freshlady’s contact lenses have been tested in complicated procedures. Such as putting these contact lenses into boiling water just to ensure it's safe for you to wear Freshlady’s colored contact lenses at high temperatures.

Choose Freshlady means you choose safe, high-quality, and all-around customer service.

How to select good contact lenses?

As one of responsible contact lens suppliers, Freshlady always makes a stand against fake and bad quality contact lenses. We always think that protect each customers health and benefit is our sacred duty and obligation. These are some simple tips that can help you distinguish the fake colored contact lenses in short time.

  1. Since the colored eye contacts belong to medical equipment that are highly regulated by government, only suppliers by regulation can get Operator’s Certificate for medical equipment. When you purchase circle lenses, you can require the seller show you this licence. Don’t buy color lenses in the company or factory that haven’t own this permit.
  2. Every qualified colored contact lenses holds one unique registration number, which means it’s allowed to be sold in market. Therefore, when you buy eye lens, you can request seller provide you this number. If not, you’d better choose another one.
  3. If the contact lenses are imported from another country, the whole labels in language of country of origin, import medical machinery permit or medical equipment registration number have to be shown in product package. At the same time, the company name, address and phone number of domestic factor also need to be printed on packaging of products.

  1. On the package of authentic colored eye contact, you will see product brand, description, production time, supplier information and approval number clearly. When open the package, you should check out whether it’s original or not. As well as, you can also judge these fake contact lenses though lustrous and lettering print trail.
  2. Usually, the authentic colored contact lenses always show you lively color, thin lens, without any impurity, streak and spot. After absorb water, they will become enough soft, with good flexibility and smooth edge. On the contrary, if the colored eye contacts is vague, too hard, as well as filthy, may be it’s fake.

Besides offer you first class contact lenses products in competitive price, Freshlady’s customer service is here to deal with any problem that you meet related with Freshlady’s colored contact lenses or just lens question. You should be patient when you wear colored contact lenses for the first time, then you will get used to it. Hope you have great circle lenses shopping and wearing experience, Freshlady is always here to help you.